Greenbrier Valley Brewing pours one out for short-lived Charleston brewery
By Jennifer Gardner; Charleston Gazette Feb 20, 2018

Greenbrier Valley Brewing Company has brought new meaning to its “local legend” lineup of beers.

Cardinal Red 93 Shilling, a Scottish Ale, made its debut in January at The Wine Shop at Capitol Market. The brew is a toast to Cardinal Brewing Company’s 25th anniversary. The brewery operated in Charleston in the 1990s.

“Greenbrier Valley Brewing Company is known for beers around legends like Mothman,” said Samuel R. Walker-Matthews, Greenbrier Brewing Company’s brewing operations consultant. “We thought that we would kind of move away from the mythological to a legend that was more visceral, more approachable — and that legend is Cardinal.”

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The Giving Tap at Greenbrier Valley Brewing Company Gives Back

Greenbrier Valley Brewing Company takes great pride in supporting the West Virginia craft brewing industry as well as good works in and around the Greenbrier Valley and the state.  In an effort to promote and support works provided by non-profits in the region, we proudly announce our 2018 Giving Tap, beginning January 1, 2018. 

For the Giving Tap initiative we have chosen 12 non-profits in the region to benefit 20% of all sales from a designated tap every month at the GVBC Tap Room.  Each month we will highlight a different non-profit and craft beer.  Visitors to the Tap Room can learn about our area non – profits on our Giving Tap board and join us in giving back by having a pint from the Giving Tap. 

January’s recipient, Greenbrier Valley Theatre, has long been a provider of education and entertainment for the Valley, including a stint many decades ago in a barn near our location by the Greenbrier Airport.  The Giving Tap for January will be Devil Anse IPA.    


The following non-profits have been chosen for 2018: 

January – Greenbrier Valley Theatre
February – Carnegie Hall
March – Greenbrier Valley Community Foundation
April – Greenbrier River Trail Association
May – American Lung Association Greenbrier River Trail Bike Trek
June – Almost Heaven Habitat for Humanity
July – Greenbrier Humane Society
August – United Way of Greenbrier Valley
September –  National Apprentice Day
October – Trillium Performing Arts
November – American Legion Greenbrier
December – The Family Refuge Center

Greenbrier Valley Brewing Company is open Friday 4:00 – 9:00 pm, Saturday 2:00 – 9:00 pm and Winter hours for Sunday 2:00 – 5:00 pm.  For more information on the Giving Tap, First Saturday Free Concerts or other events, please visit our Facebook page. 

The legend is back! 

Greenbrier Valley Brewing Company offers new seasonal craft beer in January, 2018

Making legendary craft beer named after unique West Virginia legends is what Greenbrier Valley Brewing Company does best.  Their latest seasonal, the Cardinal Red 93 Shilling, due to be released early January 2018, continues that tradition in a collaboration with one of West Virginia’s pioneers in craft brewing, Cardinal Brewing Company.

A Scottish Ale, the 93 Shilling honors the history of Cardinal Brewing Company who helped the state of West Virginia trail blaze a path into an exponentially accelerating craft brewing industry by becoming the first brewery in the city of Charleston to open since State Prohibition force

d the Kanawha Brewing Company to close in 1914.  Formed in 1993, which Greenbrier Valley Brewing brings to the naming of this beer, Cardinal began selling their beer in 1994. They also bring Sam Walker-Matthews, one of the original brewers from Cardinal, together with their own brewer Will Guðmundsson to create and brew the recipe for the 93 Shilling.

The Seneca Red Scottish Ale, an early Cardinal flagship, was a huge success; selling out 3-4 kegs a night throughout Charleston’s pubs and bars. Greenbrier Valley Brewing chose the Scottish Ale style of beer both as a nod to the Seneca Red as well as to stand out as an unusual craft beer full of flavor.  A strong Scottish Ale is a rich malty beer, slightly higher alcohol content than others, with a beautiful mahogany red color. The Shilling name is related to the Scottish tradition of naming beer on a system reflecting the price of a barrel of beer based on its alcohol content.

The future of craft beer is uncertain, but the history of craft beer is far from over, most especially in the state of West Virginia where craft breweries remain Independent and free from the confines of big box suppliers.  Greenbrier Valley Brewing Company is on its way to becoming much more than a footnote in that history. 

Look for the Cardinal Red in restaurants and pubs at the end of January 2018.


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Something’s brewing in the Greenbrier Valley (04.07.17)
““All of our beers are named after legends in West Virginia,” marketing manager Lisa Stansell said. “We have Devil Anse Hatfield. The Wild Trail is the Sasquatch. Mothman is from the Mothman and Point Pleasant. So, our next one is a girl legend.”

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“Partnering with the Tunes & Ales Music Festival is a way to feature an entire day of some of the incredible musicians the MMT promotes while helping to raise funds for musicians and area non-profits.  Part of our mission at GVBC is to promote the region and it is an honor to be involved and engaged in this community. We love and have a sense of pride for West Virginia, and pay homage by naming our beers after local legends, mythical figures, and locales.  Tunes & Ales Music Festival is a natural extension of our mission.”

Warm up w/ Craft Brew & Chili (01.07.17)
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