This robust, full-bodied winter offering is an intriguing blend of two unique beers;a Russian Imperial stout and an American stout, aged
one year in oak bourbon barrels. The Imperial Stout pours a near-opaque,dark brown pint with a suspenseful slow-forming head.
The nose is greeted with warming aromas of bourbon, vanilla, rich malty sweetness, and an array of deep oak notes. An intense and complex medley of specialty grains upon a bold malt backbone lends intricate dark caramel and dried dark fruit notes up front, evolving into a toasty, roasty, chocolatey, oaky harmony of flavor, with the warming sensations of West Virginia whiskey, and resolving to a round roasted finish
accompanied by a slight lingering hop bitterness
Availability: On Tap
Style: Stout Flavor: Chocolate, bourbon Color: Very Dark Brown ABV: 9% IBUs: 60
Hops: East Kent Goldings Malts: 12 + grains